Saturday, May 22, 2010

Does this Woman have a Case ?

I think she surely does.

In today's World Breach of Privacy can even cause one's death. Breach of Privacy is a MORE SERIOUS CRIME than infedility.

I stand by this Woman's Right and hope she wins the Case.

Read this stuff I found in MSN and make your judgement :


A woman suing a wireless company for exposing her affair joins others who've been brought down by technology.

Toronto resident Gabriella Nagy is suing Rogers Wireless Inc. for $600,000 after she says it wrongly sent her cell phone bill to her husband. Nagy claims her husband left her after seeing several phone calls to the same number, calling it and confirming her affair.

Rogers responds: The wireless company claims it is not responsible for the breakup of Nagy's marriage.

Does she have a case? Nagy's lawyer calls the case "unprecedented" in Canada, so we'll have to wait and see. (Are there cell phone record laws in the United States?)

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