Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mainstream Media overstepping line

Recently, we see that in its quest for money, and more money, Media is overstepping its line.
It is attacking politicians just for one motive - MONEY.
I think politicians of all parties should take a united stand.
Media is minting money from the misery of politicians of all colors.
Some friends recently told me some portions of the Media are spying into a substantial portion of politicians, and then cooking uo 90% of the story....just for selling value.
There has been some sort of a cooked up story regarding Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, who has so much on her shoulders.
An attack on Sonia is an attack on all Indians.

Read the extract from leading newspaper "The Hindu" :


Youth Congress members protested here on Saturday against author Javier Moro for “defaming” party President Sonia Gandhi in his book, The Red Sari.

They burnt a downloaded excerpt of the book and blackened Mr. Moro's photo, Rajesh Ingle, vice-president of the northeast district Youth Congress, told The-Hindu over telephone.

“Our main objection is to the claim that his book — ‘a tale of the Nehru-Gandhi family, told through the story of Sonia Gandhi.' The author has used the term ‘fictitious biography' to describe his book in India, whereas, in Spain, Portugal and elsewhere he has said it's a biography. So, people are forced to believe what he has written as the truth. He has also used derogatory language,” Mr. Ingle said.

A youth wing press release said: “Congress workers demanded that the book should not be published in India. The script and depiction of the happenings in the life of Ms. Gandhi [are] distorted, vague and defamatory.” They threatened that they would not allow the book to be circulated anywhere in the country.

“It is perfectly alright for an author to be influenced, motivated by real life characters and take liberty to dramatise certain incidents. But this liberty should be restricted to an extent, where the image of national iconic leaders should not be tarnished and sentiments of their followers should not be hurt,” the note stated. Currently, the Congress and the publishers of the book are locked in a legal battle, Mr. Ingle said.

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