Sunday, October 26, 2008

Congress - CPM alliance..and psephological calculations

This has reference to my earlier posting in this blog.

After Dr. Manmohan Singh has WISELY hinted at a Congress-CPM preliminary calculations are as follows:

In the State of West Bengal...both will be beneficiaries. Strategic alliances like leaving Malda & Murshidabad for the INC...will be beneficial to the Congress. This is my prediction, of course.

West Bengal with its 42 seats...According to the last panchayat elections....CPM would perform bad even in the rural areas. But Congress and CPM strategic understanding would turn the tide. In fact...I have even drawn a "demarcation line" across the state of WB....running across which the CPM would do surprisingly good...

IFF (meaning If and only If)....

The Western Bloc of rural areas comprising approx. 130 of the 294 Assembly for BOTH the CPM and Congress.

The Congress should be given a bit of "concession" for ummm...saving the CPM, me thinks.

Meanwhile..Kerala with its 20 seats...INC + CPM = 19 minimum VERY SAFE it seems.

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