Sunday, October 26, 2008

Indian Elections 2009...Congress will ally with CPM

That's what seems ....from Ms. Sheela Bhatt's interview with India's Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh...

My take is : Congress-Socialist alliance will be beneficial for both....

Quoting from rediff :

"In a surprise and politically-savvy move, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, while talking to media persons on his return journey from Beijing, sent the message of peace to Left parties.

He said, "I am not very happy to part company with our left colleagues. In my view, India is faced with difficult problems. All parties, which are committed to secularism and nationalism, must work together to deal with communal and regional divide that is being sought to be created by some anti-social elements."

In a significant move, he has expanded the political space for the Congress, which is being pushed to the wall on issue of secularism and is facing difficulties with his political allies on various other issues.

Three months ago, Left parties parted ways with the United Progressive Alliance but Dr Singh's first overture will be seen pregnant with possibilities for the parties with staunch secular agenda.

Dr Singh confidently claimed he was not seeking an early election."

ANALYSIS : Congress will not go for early right now with the global economic meltdown...Congress will lose badly.

It will wait till May 2009 when hopefully economy will be better. will jon hands with CPM, a socialist party that has become pragmatic..since it is seeking industrialization in the states it rules...

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