Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chance of a High Tide Today ? Are we Ready ?

I'm saying there could just be a 10% chance of a bad High Tide coming in Today.

But are we prepared on this Day of Total Solar Eclipse . Now, I havent' doen any research, but it's a split-second thought that flashed thru'. Take all the parameters that are today :

  • New Moon
  • Total Solar Eclipse
  • A steady drizzling rain adding to the steady input into the Hooghly River
  • Surge coming up through the uniquely funnel-shaped Ganges Delta
  • Embankments thar are not yet repaired. Note : It is also not humanly possible.
  • Data from Kolkata Port Trust

Source :

July 21 shows 6 days of Maximum Range 5.05 Tide.

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