Wednesday, March 24, 2010

35000 colleges mean opportunities for entrepreneurs

JU'er bondhugan...there is going to be a HUGE EXPANSION IN INTAKE OF STUDENTS. About 35,ooo+ collegea to be built.
This translates into GREAT OPPORTUNITIES not only for Teachers, but for small entrepreneurs like us, in the field of:
1. Book Publishing
2. Content Development.
3. Part-time Teaching Consultants.

Incidentally, 2 of our books have been published -
"Elements of Quantum Mechanics" by Dr. Binayak Dutta-Roy Edited - Debu
and into publication - "Basic Physics for Engineers" by the 2 of us.

Quoting Kapil Sibal's great initiative :

" Union Human Resource and Development (HRD) Minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday said that India needs at least 800 more universities and over 35,000 colleges in the coming ten years to add to the percentage of students going for higher education.

At present 12.4 percent of students go for higher education from the country, he claimed.

"India has about 480 university and about 22,000 colleges. If we were to increase that figure of 12 percent to 30 percent, we will need another 800 to a thousand universities in the next ten years," said Sibal.

"We will need another 35,000 colleges in the next ten years. We are still below 40 percent which I think is critical," he added.

Speaking at the first contact group meeting of Parliamentarians for Education of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organsiation (UNESCO) South Asia Cluster, Sibal highlighted the importance of human resource development.

Sibal said when the global economy is not doing well and the stock market is on decline, the facts related to importance of education in a developing economy should be realised."


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