Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Myanmar Elections

My take is Politics nowadays should not be approached emotionally, but rather practically.
It's difficult to manage even a team of 20 people using your emotions, so how can you manage the destiny of millions without coolly using your brains, and brains only ?

Take the recent Myanmar elections....Aung San Suu Ki's NLD party had this ONE SHOT to win the elections, and free the country from MILITARY RULE.

But it's boycotting the elections.


Here's quoting Reuters:

YANGON (Reuters) - An election boycott by democracy icon Aung San Suu Ki's party is a gamble that could backfire, some Burmese in Myanmar's largest city said on Tuesday, though others backed the move.

Members of the National League for Democracy party (NLD) voted unanimously on Monday to skip the country's first election in two decades to send out a strong message that the army-orchestrated political process was "unjust" and "unfair.

But some said an opt-out by democracy's brightest ray of hope in the junta-ruled country was foolhardy and played into the hands of power-hungry generals.

"I'm so sorry the NLD used their hearts, not their heads. It was an irretrievable policy blunder," said a high school headmaster in Yangon."

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